Monday, September 7, 2015

A Sesame Street Second Birthday

Last weekend we hosted Lucy and Clara's second birthday party at our house. It was a Sesame Street themed party and we all had so much fun. We had about 30 adults and 15 kids for the party and luckily the weather agreed. I had been planning and crafting for a few weeks, so it was exciting to see it all come together.
One of my biggest projects was the pom pom Sesame Street characters. If you click on the picture you can better see all of them. I made each one with construction paper pieces for the faces and tissue paper pom pom balls I bought on Etsy. It was a lot of work but I love how they came out. W helped me hang the streamers and the table had cupcakes and favors also on it. 

My sister helped me make these cupcakes. We originally had a different plan, but I think they came out super cute.  
Another view of the cupcakes. 

For favors I made chocolate covered oreos and stuck an Elmo or Cookie Monster edible decoration on them. I got coloring books from the dollar store and crayons for each child. There were also Sesame Street straws I found at a party store. 

Close up of one of the favors. I also made the tags to look like the Sesame Street sign with each child's name on it. 

I love the wreath I made for the door. This was the drink and appetizer area in our mud room. 

I wish I had taken more pictures of the people and all the kids. There were so many kids in our backyard and all of our play equipment got tons of use. 

 I made Big Bird and Elmo footprints leading up to the house from one direction. 

Cookie Monster footprints in the other direction. 

Their birthday cake I bought from our local Supermarket. The girls love the Big Bird and Elmo cars that came on it. 

Singing them happy birthday. 
Trying to blow out their candles. 

Enjoying some cake. 
She wouldn't even look at me she was loving her cake so much. 
Clara loved her cake too. 
Family photo.

I also made centerpieces that were ABC/123 letters inside a vase with sunflowers. I also used stuffed Sesame Street characters for decoration. I also made contianers for the utensils by hot gluing crayons all around a tin can and then wrapping it in ribbon. I don't think I got good pictures of either of those completed projects.

I can't believe Lucy and Clara are two years old. Two year post coming soon!


  1. Wow great job on the decorations! Sesame Street is a good theme for a second birthday party- my daughter LOVES SS as well. :-)

  2. We did a Sesame Street 1st birthday!!! I actually think we are gonna do a Sesame Street 2nd birthday too, since I saw even more cute stuff, GAH! I love your ideas it came out wonderful!! Happy Birthday sweet girls!

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