Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I'm glad to say I've finally packed a hospital bag. It was making me anxious that it wasn't ready and that I'd be in labor trying to pack myself a bag and locate things. Last time around we did it around 32 weeks, but this time I was delaying doing it. It took me a little while to get everything together so I decided this time I'd document it a little better. I also packed more stuff for the baby this time because, more than likely, we'll leave the hospital with a baby this time!!

So, here's my stuff. W laughed at me that I labeled everything since some things are pretty obvious, but it didn't look right with only some things labeled to me. Feel free to laugh at me too : ) I know, I'm a dork. 
I forgot to include a copy of my birth plan even though I printed a copy for this purpose. I'll be adding that. If you notice, I have my own hospital gown. I bought the fabric and found a pattern on pinterest but chickened out on making it myself and asked our neighbor (who happens to be a seamstress) to sew it for me. It's kind of a silly thing to have, but I'm hoping it will make me more comfortable. 

And here is the stuff for baby girl. I probably packed too much for clothes, but they're so tiny they don't take up much space. I bought Wubbanub pacifiers for the girls to give to the baby and we've been talking about them and looking at them for weeks. I'm glad to finally have them packed in the bag so they aren't floating around the house anymore. The girls were also really into the swaddle blankets and would carry them around and ask us to wrap their babies up in them. I'm a little worried they'll be covered in dog hair despite being washed recently. 
We're unsure about whether we'll bring any cloth diapers for baby. Last time the girls didn't fit in the newborn cloth diapers for a few weeks so it wasn't an issue. We did notice that when we switched them from disposables to cloth they were fussy for a few days. I'm hoping to avoid that this time, so I may bring a few diapers and a wet bag to start. We certainly won't be exclusively cloth diapering in the hospital, but it might be nice to get her used to them early on. I'm thinking she'll go home in one if nothing else. 

So there you have it. My super exciting post about my hospital bag. I'm feeling much more ready for baby girl!


  1. I still can't believe this is happening!

  2. Looks good!
    FWIW, I wouldn't bring cloth diapers to the hospital. Those first few days of meconium poops are GNARLEY and I can't imagine getting that out of the diapers. You probably could, but what a pain. You change diapers every couple hours in the beginning - use those freebies the hospital provides you! We started Harvey on cloth on day 4 I think and Stella around a month? No issues at all.