Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Two Weeks

I realized that I never updated about my last OB appointment. Overall, it went very well. The new Dr that I met listened well, addressed my concerns, and compromised with me about things. The only negative was that she didn't introduce herself when she came in the room. It was just a woman in scrubs without a name tag and I was left wondering who it was for the first few minutes. I eventually assumed it was her, but the conversation probably would have gone a lot smoother had she introduced herself to me. 

She said it was my choice to not take the 3 hr glucose test. Even though I had been keeping track of my blood sugar levels for the past week, it wasn't the four times a day they were looking for. She wanted me to continue to take them for the following two weeks, four times and day, and two hours after meals instead of the one I had been doing. As long as my levels were fine (as she suspected they would be looking at where they had been for the prior week) I'd be done with it. If 50% or more were elevated, we would have to discuss things further. 

It's been going well overall. My levels have been great but I've also been super strict about what I've been eating. To be perfectly honest, I just want to be done with it. I hate doing it four times a day. I hate forcing myself to eat a bigger meal than I would otherwise because I know I won't be able to eat again for two hours. All of my numbers have been under 105 after meals and I had one high fasting number (102) because I had a milkshake the night before. They like to see you under 130 two hours after meals and under 100 fasting. 

I go back this Friday and hope I'll be done with it then.

Other than that, things have been going well. I'm 32 weeks pregnant already and can't believe how fast time is flying. The nursery is painted and the ceiling fan and light have been installed. I wanted W to paint the crib since we got it used and it didn't match the newly painted white dresser. It's been slow going and I'm so ready to see it all come together. I've been busy buying stuff for the walls and crafting tassels to string below the wall art. To be honest, I'm feeling super impatient but trying not to be a pain.

Instead I've started focusing on planning Lucy and Clara's second birthday party. I can't believe they're turning two. We are celebrating with a Sesame Street themed party and I'm trying to make some decorations and games. I'm hoping to make pom pom characters, a bow wreath, some utensil holders, centerpieces for flowers, a game or two, and some simple favors. I've started working on things but haven't made a ton of progress.  

I've been feeling pretty good overall. I'm not sleeping great because I'm up a lot to pee. I've also found that having a baby head down means a lot more pressure on the bladder. Even though I had two babies in my belly last time I feel like I have to pee more often this time and need is definitely more urgent at times. I get tired easily but still want to play and do things with the girls. It's been hard feeling like I'm not as great of a mom, but I'm doing the best job that I can and I don't hear them complaining, lol. We use the stroller a lot when we're out because I just can't carry them very far anymore. I'm already carrying a baby! 

We went for an elective ultrasound last weekend and the girls loved seeing the baby on the tv screen. Lucy was so excited the whole time while Clara bounced between being excited and eating grapes or playing with the window blinds. It was so fun to see baby girl. She spent a lot of time with her hands in front of her face but also smiled and grimaced a few times. That's another way being pregnant with only one baby is different. They really don't give you many ultrasounds. 

The other biggest difference I've noticed is the amount of movement. I think because the girls were so crammed in there I didn't feel as much. I feel so much crazy movement from this little girl. She kicks with both feet at the same time super hard, rolls all around, and get hiccups often. The movements just feel more exaggerated than last time. I'm also better able to tell what I'm feeling. 


  1. 32 weeks!!! Crazy! I'm glad the appointment with the new OB went well, but how awkward that she didn't introduce herself! Hopefully on Friday you will find out you can let go of testing 4 times/day. That's a lot!

    I love reading about the differences in this pregnancy than your last with the twins. Having only ever had twins, that's all I know! I thought mine moved around quite a bit, but I with a singleton having so much room, I imagine you would probably feel it more! How fun and crazy is that!

  2. Phew - this is flying along! Glad things seemed to go a little better at this last appointment at least. I agree with Amber - fun to hear about the differences in the twins/singleton pregnancy experience!

  3. I may have said this but I am just 1 week ahead of you!
    I am working on babies room too! I had to go back for extended glucose weeks back as well!
    The hiccups are so cute!