Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our First Night Away

Last Saturday W and I left the girls overnight for the first time. They were with my inlaws while we went to a concert. I think W was more nervous about leaving them than me, but we all survived. 

The girls slept all night from 8-7 and spent most of the morning with their grandparents. W and I couldn't believe how quiet the house was in the morning when we woke up (much later than usual). It was extra quiet since my inlaws also took the dogs. 

The concert was fun. We were able to meet up with some friends there. In a sense it made me feel really old and pregnant because the crowd was definitely partying it up. I guess I haven't been around that many wasted people in a while. 

Leaving the girls is an important first step for us. It makes me feel more confident about bringing another baby into our family as I know the girls will be well taken care of during that process. 

We celebrated fathers day with my in laws at their lake house. Although it wasn't very nice weather we still took the girls on their first boat ride of the year. They loved the bumps, going fast, and honking the horn. Unfortunately W's present arrived a day late, but I still love the shirts I got him and the girls. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make anything for him with the girls since I've been working like crazy. I've already done 8 evaluations this month. A typical month I do 2-3. 

Life is busy these days, but also great! I've officially switched ob's, hired a doula, and am feeling more comfortable with things. We just got a crib yesterday so hopefully we'll start to make some nursery progress soon. I can't believe it's almost July! 

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  1. So great that you and W got to have a night to yourselves. We are thinking about doing that in September for our anniversary. Like your husband, I think mine is more worried about it than me! The girls look adorable in their life jackets! Love the shirts, too.