Friday, June 12, 2015

21 Months Old

Walking with Daddy
I can't believe how close to two years my girls are! We are seeing them turn into big girls before our eyes and I'm so proud of the little girls they are becoming.
A picnic in the park at the lake. 

Playground fun

Helping Daddy plant Tomatoes for the garden. 

Memorial Day parade. 

Patriotic girls!
Enjoying a book while sitting on their potties.
Ice cream is a perfectly acceptable afternoon snack, right?

No one gets to use the bathroom in peace around here. Who doesn't love an audience while going to the bathroom?

Lucy- You are such a little smarty pants! You are talking up a storm, imitating everything, and running all over the place. You have at least 50 words you use consistently and without prompts. You haven't really started combining words yet but I'm sure that's coming soon. You are still under twenty pounds and such a little peanut, but want to walk everywhere. You still love Elmo and everything Sesame Street. You are starting to show more pretend play with your baby dolls or play kitchen. You are also obsessed with babies. You watch to look at my Facebook or Instagram to see babies, watch Baby Einstein videos just to see babies, and you talk about them all the time. We laugh becuase most "babies" are bigger than you! We can show you something once and either you totally remember or are able to do it on your own. You are very physical and a total daredevil without any fear. You love to tackle the cat and give him hugs. You are trying to use the potty but haven't had any success yet. That doesn't keep you from requesting "treats". You really are growing up so fast and turning into a little person before our eyes. You started teething again (canines this time) and have been waking some at night. Luckily, daddy is the one who normally gets up with you so mama can keep sleeping. You're so smart and cute and I feel so lucky to be your mama.

Such a big girl on the swings!

Loving her new doll stroller. 
Clara- You are such a potty superstar! If your daddy and I are good about putting you on your potty you will keep a mostly dry diaper all day. You've requested to use it a few times, but it's usually us asking you if you want to try. You are so proud of yourself when you go and love the treat you earn for doing it. You are such a daddy's girl and have perfected a leg hook on him when he picks you up. You've been teething and getting another canine tooth and have been drooling like crazy. You are probably close to twenty pounds now and love playing on the playground or outside. We joke that you can turn from the crankiest kiddo ever into the happiest one with your bath. You are trying to talk more, but can be difficult to understand at time. I love to ask you if you're having fun, because like the little party girl you are, you squeal and shout with excitement in response. You love your Grandma Dukes and just want to sit on her lap all day when she comes over. She says I was like this as a baby too. You love all of our pets and give them big hugs all the time. Unlike your sister you want to be carried everywhere and don't want to walk. We're trying to work on this so we can go places without the stroller and without exhausting your mama since she's already carrying one baby around. You're such a happy and outgoing girl that loves going new places and trying new things. I'm so proud of the little girl you're becoming.

Hugs for Togie. 

A little more cautious about the big swings than her sis. 

Always sitting on her Grandma's lap. 

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