Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My "Little Sister"

I joined our local moms of multiples group when I was pregnant with the girls. I wasn't able to be too active of a member and didn't really attend meetings, but we went to a few events as a family. We were always sure to go to the spring or fall consignment sales, but I never went to a meeting.

One of the things they do in this group is assign each expecting mama a "big sister". They pair up an existing twin mom with a mom expecting twins, often based on situation or location. When I was pregnant I had a big sister, but she wasn't super involved or helpful to be honest.

A few months ago I expressed an interest in being a big sister myself. A while later I was matched with Andrea. Not only did we hit it off, but she also lives four doors up from us (and has a pool, lol).

Andrea is expecting boy/girl twins at the end of August and is four weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. She dragged me to a few meetings, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed going. It's been really nice to be more involved in the group and I love sitting in a room full of women who all have twins or triplets. It's not an easy thing to find.

I'm so excited to watch Andrea become a mommy to twins. I can't wait to see her sweet little babies and snuggle them myself. Hopefully they will still wait a little while before coming.

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  1. I have really been contemplating joining one of these groups locally. I don't have any family that lives close and could really use some support. I wasn't sure about the "big sister" thing, but now I might give it a shot.