Saturday, May 9, 2015

Interviewing Another OB: The Search Continues

On Thursday W and I met with another VBAC friendly OB in the Syracuse area. I was given his name through the ICAN group and was looking forward to meeting with someone else and getting another opinion. I was also excited that this practice offered appointments later in the day so that W could come with me. 

We unfortunately arrived a bit late due to me not being ready when W got home and encountering a bunch of traffic. The nurse was super friendly and nice and told me to stop apologizing for being late. 

She took a urine sample, my weight and blood pressure, and then brought us to a room and told me to undress completely and put a gown on. Being that I was super late for my appointment I didn't argue with her. I knew I was only there to talk with the Dr, so I changed and waited for him. 

When he came in my first impressions were fine. We joked about me wearing the gown and he offered to let me change, but I said whatever. In hindsight I really wish I had changed back into my own clothes. 

The Dr. spent quite a bit of time with us. He asked about my history and why I wanted to talk with him. In the end, I think he got the complete wrong impression of me and my reasons to want to attempt a VBAC. He said I needed to get over the emotional aspects and that lawsuits were so prevalent in NY state that he wouldn't tell me anything different from my current provider. He said, "The only person who really knows whether your VBAC is successful is your lawyer, two years later." He talked negatively about ICAN and told me I need to "stop talking to groups of women and watching movies." He acted like my blood clotting issues were a huge deal and like they'd be a complication in whether I'd be successful or not. I'm pretty sure he thought the reasons I want a VBAC is so that I can say I had a natural birth. That's not the reason. It has nothing to do with my ego. He basically told me to "get over" the negative experience I had last time. 

We left the appointment both feeling disappointed. I think he made a few valid points and got me thinking some, but I would never transfer my care to him. I'm quite sure he didn't want me as his patient either. I guess the feelings were mutual.  

To reiterate, I'm not opposed to a c section if I have to have one for my or my babies safety. I'm just opposed to the idea of an unnecessary c section because I reach an arbitrary date. 


  1. I was told that I had to have a c-section because of previous surgery on my uterus (for fibroids and endo). There was a possibility that my uterus could rupture. I had 3 different doctors tell me this before I decided to listen. My GYN (before I was pregnant) told me that the latest research on VBACs is that they are not as safe.

    In the end, I was disappointed during some of my pregnancy that I was going to need a c-section, but I got over it. All I wanted was a healthy baby and for me to be around to raise that baby. I got both and my planned c-section actually was a less painful recovery than my fibroid/endo surgery!

    Here is the thing- yes there are doctors that push women into unnecessary c-sections but if you are not finding a doctor that is willing to do one, they are the experts. The doctors have been through years of training and have lots of experience.

  2. I wholeheartedly disagree with the commenter above. GYNs are NOT the be all end all of VBAC information, and it's blatantly untrue that the latest research shows they are not as safe. The research shows that the rate of complications with VBACs is almost identical to the rate of complications with Cesarean births.

    At any rate, that provider definitely rubs me the wrong way, whether or not you get to do a TOL (trial of labor) with this baby. Find a provider who supports you and speaks to you with respect - not condescension.