Sunday, May 10, 2015

20 Months Old

I can't believe how close to two the girls are getting. They are super busy and it's an understatement to say I'm exhausted at the end of every night.

Lucy- Your vocabulary has really exploded. We made a list of the words you use spontaneously and found there were about 45 words on the list. You've combined a few simple words to create phrases, but you're not yet doing it consistently. You love playing on the playground, exploring the back yard, sliding down the slide, and swinging in your swings. You are great at following directions and consistently do two-step directions without much prompting. You love pulling your toys that have a string and will pull all four around at the same time. You also love carrying and moving your little red plastic chair. Your favorite foods are cheese and orange slices because you can "juice" them. You still love your Elmo and request it as soon as you get in the car every single time. You are still a mama's girl and tend to be more clingly to me. W says you're great when I'm not around. I guess it's just my special treatment. You've really started testing by being defiant at times and will run in the other direction when we tell you it's time to get dressed. You love swim lessons and have started to sing some of the songs from our music class. You're so little yet so coordinated and opinionated. When asked you say you're my "baby" and want to be rocked before bed. It's sweet but you really have a surprise coming this fall.

Clara- You're trying to keep up with the talking and have about 30 words you use spontaneously. You are getting faster and faster at walking and love your animals something fierce. You love on our big dog Togie and chase Pepper around because he doesn't let you love on him as much. The cat also gets lots of hugs and attention from you. You shreech every time you see him. You love to copy your sister and insist on doing everything she does. You are also very loving towards people and will just lean in and hug us often. It's so sweet! You want to be a "big girl" and tell us often. You actually peed on your potty once, but I think it was just good timing. When we put you on it to sit you try so hard to go, pushing your belly in and out. You love fruit (grapes especially) and are a picky eater at times. You love your snack cup and carrying it around everywhere you go. You still like toys that are more of a "project". You spent quite a bit of time transferring items from one container to another the other day. You giggle and enjoy life to the fullest. If I ask you if you're having a good time you exclaim with the cutest giggle or squeal of excitement. You love music class and listening to the songs. You especially enjoy when the instruments come out and cleaning up all of the items. You're really starting to form strong opinions, but I guess that's what being a toddler is all about!

Sitting on their new potties

Nice day for the playground 

Cool girls 

Clara loving on Togie


New carseats!

Having a picnic in the park. 

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