Friday, June 27, 2014


When the girls were just eating purees I made them myself. Since switching over to BLW we have a lot of leftover purees in the freezer. I also noticed the girls really lovs snack type foods like mum mum crackers, puffs, and dehydrated fruit. So, in an effort to reduce to amount of processed foods I'm giving the girls I purchased a food dehydrator. Ideally I'll figure out how to make some kind of puff substitute, but for now I plan to make different fruit (and maybe veggie) snacks for them. 

Last night was my first go at it. I made apples (that came out delicious and amazing!) and I made an experimental snack. I combined unsweetened vanilla coconut yogurt with mango puree and a little honey. I put this mixture in a sandwich bag and cut off the tip. I then put little drops onto wax paper on the tray. After about 4 hours I checked. The drops were shriveled and stuck to the paper so I thought it was a bust. Well, come to find out, the little drops peeled away easily this morning. The girls tried them and loved them. The texture and taste is a lot like fruit leather. I would say they were a success! 

Has anyone else used a dehydrator? Any recipe ideas? 


  1. Good idea! I'd love to hear how other things turn out! The boys at almost two still really love all those snacks too, not only would it be healthier but probably a lot cheaper too!!

  2. Great idea! I love that you are making their snacks! I haven't tried a dehydrator but we did our own purée until C was one.