Monday, June 2, 2014


As the title implies, things have been improving with W. the morning I wrote my last post W and I had talked. He knew how I was feeling and promised to try harder.

Things are much better. W has been putting more effort with me and even brought me home flowers one day last week. He gave me some nice breaks this weekend and we had some great family time as well. 

Lucy has been giving us a bit of a hard time with the feeding. Last week we switched her from the Prevacid solutab (it's a tiny pill that dissolves in her mouth) to the generic liquid form. Our insurance requires the use of a mail order and they had stopped covering much of the cost of the Prevacid from the pharmacy. Due to the cost, we switched and hoped it would be no big deal. Well, Lucy despised taking the liquid. I forced it one her for 3 days and have been since paying for it. The oral aversion and oral defensiveness came back pretty badly. Cue her refusal to nurse or eat solid foods. It's not that she wasn't eating at all, it's just that even small feedings required an outrageous amount of patience. We switched her back to the solutabs on friday and things are slowly improving. I'm hoping we'll be back on track soon. She has woken up a lot at night recently and eats well during that time. It's hard to deny her at those times because I know she's hungry, but It's made for one exhausted mama, that's for sure! 

I attended a baby shower on Sunday. One of the gifts was a quilt. It was so beautiful and inspired me to look for some small projects (that do not have deadlines). I'm hoping to take a trip to the fabric store this afternoon in order to make pillowcase dresses. I'd love to start another quilt and even have an idea of what I'd like to do, but I'd hate to not finish it. I think I'll start small. 

This Thursday we are planning a triple twin play date. There will be 10 month old boys and twin girls who are 2 weeks older than my girls as well as Lucy and Clara.  Other than that, I have to get a tb test scheduled for work tomorrow and have to go to my ob/gyn on Friday for an appointment that was scheduled and then cancelled for April. I'm planning to visit the nicu with the girls on Friday after my appointment. 

 Hard to believe, but the girls will be 9 months old tomorrow!! Where is the time going?


  1. M is on Prevacid, too. She's always taken the 'kit' liquid (the flavored kind), except for one month after I changed our insurance. The flavored stuff isn't covered, just generic. *I* did not like it (it would froth up and not mix well when I shook it), and she did a lot of spitting up. Now I just pay the $45/mo out of pocket for the kit Prevacid. I always mix it with a few ounces of milk in the morning and before bed, and I suppose since she's been on it since she was, like, a week old, she doesn't know any different. Anyway, just wanted to say that I understand how important it is to have just the right medicine!

  2. We were going to try Prevacid for Rylee, but it was a $72 co-pay!!! We just can't afford that. So....we've stuck with the ranitidine, but it doesn't work great. I am so incredibly tired of all the spit up. She has no trouble eating, she just can't keep it down. I'm so glad to hear that things with W are improving. It's hard when it feels like your marriage isn't going well. We've had plenty of those rocky moments. That's so great you have other twins for play dates! We recently met another set of boy/girl twins that are just 2 months younger than ours and have been trying to do weekly play dates.

  3. So glad you and W were able to connect. Parenting is hard!