Monday, April 14, 2014


I have nothing but great things to say about our first family vacation. The girls were such great travelers. We had 4 separate flights total. They did so great minus the last ten minutes of the final flight (that arrived home at midnight!) 

Luckily we found out in advance that we wouldn't be able to sit next to each other on the plane. This helped us to be better prepared. There aren't enough oxygen masks for 2 lap riding infants in one row. Instead, we sat next to each other in the aisle seats. On the way there for our long flight I sat next to a really nice woman and her mother. As we talked I found out she had 8 year old triplets! She had 2 boys and one girl and one of her sons had Down's syndrome. She was so sweet and nice and helped me when my seatbelt got stuck on my pants as I tried to stand up and then also helped me put my coat on. Lucy loved her and smiled at her more than she does her grandparents. 

We stayed in the Riviera Maya which is just south of Cancun. We didn't leave the resort at all and stuck to our usual 3 hour schedule during the day. Depending on what time it was I'd feed the girls as W got us ready for our selected destination (pool, beach, walk, or food). We'd spend as much time as possible at the pool or beach before heading back to the room for naps. A few times W took the girls back to the room and put them down, letting me stay out in the sun. I also took a few turns going back to the room while he stayed out 

We purchased a pop up sun tent for the girls so we could guarantee they'd be in the shade. They loved the pool and there was a great shallow and shaded pool area for babies. They even made some friends. W and I laughed when we saw a baby with both its parents doting on it in the pool. We laughed even harder when we saw two grandparents also doting. They had a 4:1 ratio while we were 1:1. 

The girls didn't like the ocean. Twice we tried putting their feet in and they cried. I think the crashing waves scared them. They did like walks on the beach in their Ergo's, putting their toes in the sand, and sitting on the beach in the sun tent.  

We took lots of walks around the huge resort either on the beach or in the stroller right along the beach. We ate delicious food and drank wonderful frozen beverages. We played in the sun tent on the beach while enjoying the view of the ocean and feeling the breeze. We dipped in the pool and swung in hammocks with the girls. We read on our balcony while the girls napped. We soaked up a little bit of sun and lots of warm temperatures. It was amazing! 

We quickly learned that the word for twins in Spanish is "gamilas". We heard it everywhere we went. We also learned that in Mexico it's completely acceptable to touch babies. W and I quickly agreed to let it slide. We didn't want to spend our vacation swatting hands away from the girls. Everywhere we went we drew attention from the staff. Even the men working there would come over to look at the girls. They had their own fan club. We laughed that when we got home they missed all their fans as they complained they weren't being constantly entertained. 

All in all, it was an amazing trip. Lucy was more relaxed than she's ever been and both girls loved not having to be bundled in clothes all the time. I'm so glad we were brave enough to travel abroad with 6 month old twins. The memories of our first family vacation are irreplaceable. 

Without further adeau, I will now bombard you with vacation photos and cuteness. 


  1. Girlfriend! You are rocking that swimsuit! You look great!

    What a fun vacation! What great memories you'll have!

  2. What an awesome trip!!! I love these pictures. This makes me want to take a trip ASAP.

  3. They are too cute!!! So glad the trip, and especially the plane rides, went well!

  4. I'm so glad you all had such a great time and the girls traveled so well! We might be taking a trip to Mexico next year. Seeing these pictures makes me very excited at that possibility!

  5. Good on you! You are a brave lady!

  6. Looks like a blast!!! And they are so beautiful!!! Lucky girls too...I didnt get to Mexico until I was 18! haha

  7. Your trip looks amazing and it is so cool that the girls did so well! They have already been out of the Country so young (little travelers for sure)!

  8. Such cute pictures! Glad you had a good trip. We have only braved a road trip so far but I think a plane trip will be coming soon.