Friday, February 7, 2014

Yogi Babies

Throughout my pregnancy I tried to attend prenatal yoga as frequently as possible. Around the time I got pulled out of work at 31 weeks it got a lot harder to keep going. I would do a few poses at home, but wasn't able to make it to class. There was so much baby in my belly that just moving was uncomfortable. Forget about tying child's pose when there's an entire baby in your ribcage. 

The same instructor also offers a mama baby yoga class. It's so nice because the same people you practiced with and saw every week during pregnancy are now at this class. 

Since the class is only offered twice a month, we don't get to go that often. Also, it's about 45 minutes away and at 10:15 am. We aren't early risers around here. 

The first time I went my mom came along as an extra set of hands. I didn't get to do much yoga because the girls decided they wanted to eat during class. It was great to be around so many babies and mamas though. 

Last time I went I went by myself and it was great. The timing was perfect feeding-wise and the girls were happy to watch me do yoga and hang out on my mat. I had a great time and was able to do enough yoga to be sore for a few days after. 

Yesterday I wasn't planning to go until Clara woke up about 3 hours early, crying to eat. I knew our day was going to be off so decided to go. I was able to push it until 8 and feed the girls. We got ready and left. Unfortunately as soon as we started to really get into the yoga the girls started to act hungry. I tried the pacifiers but knew it wasn't going to work. So instead of doing 25 minutes of yoga I sat and fed my girls. At first I was frustrated. But then I remembered the real reason I go: to be around other mamas and babies. To try to branch out and make a few mommy friends. Despite my missing out on the yoga, we still had a great time. We got out of the house and socialize with other adults. We were able to run errands and eat lunch after with a friend. All in all, it was successful. I'm kidding myself if I think the real reason I go to a yoga class with infant twins is to practice a lot of  yoga. I think I need to leave them home to accomplish that. 


  1. So much of parenthood is a constant resetting of our expectations. Good for you for getting and making mommy friends!

  2. Great way to think about it! Glad you're getting out and about.

  3. This is the perfect mentality to have about it all. You're definitely setting yourself up for frustration if you expect babies to cooperate with your workout plans every time. :) Good for you for getting out and about and being active!

  4. I think it's really cool that you have this kind of class to go too. I'm sure you aren't the only mom in the from that gets interrupted. Also nice is that the other moms can't get upset if your girls disrupt the class! Way to go for getting out of the house and geting involved.