Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Are We Crazy?

In a recent post I mentioned how we didn't get to take a vacation last year. We spent most of our money on a super expensive IVF cycle and W took all his time off during that time. We were broke and out of vacation time. Also, I was pregnant with twins and unsure if traveling far. 

This winter has been long. It's tough to get out with infant twins and almost everything we could do costs money. I miss the fall where at least we could take walks outside. It's been too cold for that. We've had a constant cover of snow and very cold temperatures since November. 

So, we took the plunge and booked a vacation. At the beach. With sunshine, and pools, and frozen alcoholic beverages. And I am SO excited!

W is scared about the traveling with the girls. I'm a little concerned, but I know we'll be so happy we did it. 

So, anyone have any tips for traveling with babies?

32 days until we leave for Mexico!!

Don't they look excited about vacation? 


  1. Sounds like a perfect trip! Where in Mexico are you going?

  2. they look excited!! cant wait to hear how it goes! we plan to travel with the twins to a marathon in florida when they are 7 months! we will need your tips!

  3. They are so stinking cute!!!! We've traveled a ton with our girls-and for super long distances (i.e., multiple times to Australia)...so FB me with any questions. Honestly, babies are the easiest to travel with on planes, because the engines pretty much lull them to sleep. It's traveling with an 18month-3 year old that is toughest! Do they take pacifiers? If so, give them that or feed them upon take off and landing-more so with the landing. Bring changes of clothes for everyone!!! and pack more diapers/formulas than you need in case you get laid over somewhere....Give yourself plenty of time between layovers...and if possible, buy the girls their own seats-they will be much more comfy and willing to sleep. Just to name a few ;)

  4. Those swim suits are so incredibly cute! I sure you'll have a fantastic time- even if vacation isn't as relaxing as it used to be :)

  5. I'm working on a post about this now! Good news - by FAR the easiest traveling I did with Stella was prior to her crawling. You'll be fine. :) I'll post on this in the next week or so!

  6. You are braver than me. Haha. I will be interested to see how it goes and any tips you have. Our first trip will be a road trip over Easter.

  7. Good for you! I'm a little jealous actually :) the girls do look excited and so stinkin cute! Be sure to pack lots of sun screen!