Friday, January 17, 2014


I was lying in bed the other morning. Clara started to stir and move next to me as she was waking up. Her little feet started to kick around in the bed next to me. 

She then made contact with my body and kicked me in the ribs. When I felt those kicks I remembered her kicks from the inside. Clara was so high in my belly and loved my ribs and diaphragm. The morning the girls we reborn Clara had been on my diaphragm for hours that morning. Her kicks from the outside didn't feel the same, but they made me miss those little nudges from the inside. 

Pregnancy is so amazing and I'm so grateful I was able to experience it. I can't believe my body grew and nurtured two tiny little humans. 


  1. I know! Pregnancy, though hard for so many, is an amazing thing. I loved it and miss those moments all the time. After all you've been through you carried and parent TWO babies! How insane is that?

  2. It's crazy that our bodies were able to grow/carry/feed TWO babies all while maintaining our health- it is the most amazing of experiences.

  3. It's so crazy to think about how our bodies can accommodate not just one, but two babies! After my babies were born, I thought it felt like I still could feel them kicking sometimes. I've never heard of anyone having phantom kicks after giving birth, but that's what it felt like to me! I haven't felt that in a few weeks now, but it did at first.