Friday, January 10, 2014

First Fevers

The girls had their first fevers this week. It was a miserable day for everyone and, unfortunately, we are still seeing glimpses of the misery. 

On Tuesday we went it the pediatrician. Lucy had gained a little bit better than last time and the dr was happier. We also had the results from the blood work he ordered that showed everything was find. He still wants me to supplement her a little by adding some Neosure to 2 ounces of breast milk and giving that to her once a day. I went out and bought it but haven't opened it yet. It breaks my heart to have to give her anything but my breast milk unless absolutely necessary. The dr thinks she needs more calories than her sister. I've been trying to just feed her more to get more calories into her that way. I'm back to waking up at 3 am with her in order to feed her. It's not fun but it's good to know she's getting a few extra ounces a day. I used to give her the paci and she would go back to sleep but I figured feeding her was probably best to help her gain weight. 

Getting up with her isn't as bad as in the beginning, but gone are my 5-6 hour stretches of uninterrupted sleep.  My body is a bit confused as well. Most nights I'm able to nurse her in a side-lying position so I get to stay lying down in bed. For the first few nights I soaked the sheets and bed as I leaked from the other side. 

Tuesday afternoon the girls were knocked out from their shots. They had to be woken up for most of their feelings. I thought they felt a little warm before bed but we didn't take their temperatures. 

On Wednesday morning I got up around 7 to feed them. Lucy definitely wasn't herself and was very upset. Clara was her usual smiley self. They ate and went back to sleep until around 10. 

Every morning we have the same routine. I feed them in bed and then we go in their room. I change diapers and put a blanket on the floor. They play on the floor and I pump, read them books, sing songs, talk to then, etc. Well, as soon as I put them down on the blanket they both started wailing. They both felt hot so I ran downstairs to get thermometers. I checked Clara first. She had a temperature of 103. Lucy's was 102.8. I called the pediatrician and waited to her back about the dosage of Tylenol to give them. 

I found that out, gave them Tylenol, and hoped for the best. Luckily my mom and FiL were over to help. 

The girls napped in people's arms (something we usually try to avoid) and by the time W came home their fevers were lower. 

You would think since their fevers were lower they'd be feeling better. Not so much. They took turns screaming and also screamed some in unison. By 9:00 I had a migraine and needed W to take over. Unfortunately, Lucy cried for the next 2 hours. I felt horrible that I couldn't help, by my head was pounding and I felt super nauseous.

W survived his time with Lucy. She eventually crashed and fell asleep. 

I was hoping Thursday would bring me babies who felt 100% better. Not so much. They took turns being grumpy and refused to nap in their crib. 

I guess what they say is true. As soon as you think you have a handle on things and feel like you know what you're doing, things change. If anyone knows where my happy and napping babies are, please send them back to me.  


  1. Nothing is worse then seeing your children being sick and miserable. Hoping they start feeling better soon.

    Great news on Lucy gaining some weight though!

  2. Sorry the girls were sick. It's so sad to see them not feeling well.

    And in reference to needing to possibly supplement with formula, you are not a bad mom if you decide to do so!! My triplets spent their first two month on breastmilk, but then we switched them to formula. It won't hurt your child one bit to use some formula in conjunction with breastmilk. She will still be getting all of the benefits of breastmilk along with the extra calories that the formula can provide. Don't beat yourself up over this!!

  3. Oh no! Hoping your babes feel better soon and are back to smiling, happy twins.

  4. I'm new to your blog! thanks for sharing your story!
    We are going to do our first IVF in a few months (secretly hoping for twins :)

  5. I'm sorry the girls had their first fevers already, but it sounds like you did a great job getting through it together.

    I am super impressed with how you've been able to breast feed both your girls and a little jealous. I do want to tell you though, that if you do decide to supplement just once a day adding a little Belarus to your breast milk, she will most definitely be okay. I tried valiantly to breast feed my babies for the first month, but was having to give them neosure anyway because they weren't strong enough and didn't have the energy to bf in order to ge what they needed. I also wasn't producing near enough milk. They've been getting neosure since the beginning as a result and now that is exclusively what they get. I'm only trying to give you reassurance if you choose to go the supplemental route that you don't have to feel bad. She will still be getting ALL the benefits of your brest milk, plus a few calories as nutrients from the neosure.