Monday, March 25, 2013

11 Weeks

Today marks 11 weeks. I am so amazed and grateful to have made it to this point. The babies were both doing great last Friday when I had an ultrasound. They were wiggling and dancing like crazy. Baby B was having a little dance party while A did a few flips and turns. Both had strong heartbeats and measured right on track.

The ultrasound was at the hospital where I will deliver as the ob's office didn't have any availability on such short notice. The receptionist was super friendly and excited for me about having twins. A woman came to get me to bring me down to the ultrasound. She introduced herself and told us (me and my MiL) that she was a student and that she would be performing the ultrasound. She told me to lie down and pull up my shirt. I was amazed and super excited to have graduated from "Wandy". I don't think I'll miss her any.

The student took a while doing the ultrasound, but I can't complain because it just gave us more time to watch the babies. She took some measurements and I noticed the crown rump length wasn't the same for both babies. This made me worry a bit because they have always measured exactly the same week and day on every other ultrasound. She looked around quite a bit more and then called in her supervisor.

The supervisor then basically repeated the same thing, talking the student through it all. This meant an even longer ultrasound! She was very friendly and shared lots of laughs and giggles with us when the dance party got going. She took the measurements again and told me both were measuring exactly the same. The other thing I was surprised to find out was that they are not next to each other, but instead one is on top of the other. She also told me they always label Baby A as the one closest to the cervix. I guess there is a system to labeling them. Maybe it changes as they get bigger?

From the ultrasound we headed down to the ob's office. We waited a really long time to be seen and were even called in once only to find out it was the wrong Elizabeth. Once we were seen they took my weight and blood pressure again (I lost a pound), then asked me a bunch of questions. I met with a different doctor since the one I saw last time had been in a car accident and was taking a bit of time off. They thankfully told me she is okay, but just needs a bit of time to recover. This new doctor was also very nice and accommodating to all of Dr. B's recommendations. She was reassuring and we talked a little more about the NT scan. She said we could do another ultrasound prior to my appointment with Dr. B and I scheduled it before I left.

Later that day I got a call from the office asking why I needed another ultrasound. I guess because everything looked so great they didn't think it would be medically necessary. I explained the situation and she then understood better. She just left it as she wasn't sure whether my insurance would cover it or not. W and I have talked about it and I also talked with the insurance company. They said it would likely be covered, but really it doesn't make much sense to have 2 ultrasound 4 days apart since the one locally is scheduled for Thursday and the one with Dr. B is scheduled for next Monday. I think we will cancel it and look forward to our ultrasound with Dr. B.

W was really bummed that he couldn't be at the ultrasound last week. He is trying to save his paid time off from work so decided it would be best not to go. He was so disappointed when he heard how cute they were being. Last Friday was the day I really fell in love with those little jumping beans. I've been in love with the concept of a baby for so long, but seeing them move and flip was just so amazing.

Two Weekends ago we got together with our good friends who have a 2 month old. The wife is one of my fertility buddies, T so they know we are pregnant. Her husband was so amazing and accommodating to make so many food choices. It was quite the "Mexican fiesta"! From there W and I went to the store to buy a new t.v. We had been talking about it since we bought out new sectional around Christmas. The huge amazing couch didn't work with the 32 inch t.v. We had to squint to see the print when making a selection on Net.flix. So, we purchased a 55 inch with part of our tax return. W is pretty thrilled with our new purchase, especially since it's correlates with March Madness.

This weekend we had some good friends J and C over for dinner with their 2 1/2 year old E. She was so excited to see us and be at our house, she didn't stop bouncing around the whole time. She played with some of the toys I have for work and we took this great picture.
We also told them that we are pregnant. They were so excited and C starting squealing and they both gave us huge hugs. It was really fun to share our excitement with some good friends. C was too funny because she said she always pays attention to what I eat and drink. She had noticed I skipped out on the goat cheese that evening prior to dinner.

Now to do the boring pregnancy update thing. Feel free to skip but I just want to document for myself. 

The babies are about close to 2 inches long each. Their heads are half the length of their bodies and they are growing hair follicles and finger and toenails this week. The most critical part of their organ systems have developed and they have reproductive organs (that we won't know about until they are born.)

My belly continues to grow and it's getting harder to hide. This morning when I took my weekly photo I tried to smile despite how chubby I felt like I looked. Luckily I can dress really casually to work so have been wearing sweatshirts and looser clothing. I swear a co-worker stared right at my belly as I took my jacket off when I arrived at a meeting last week. I think I'm just being sensitive, but I'm sure I look like I ate too many donuts to most of the families I work with.

The nausea and food aversions have definitely improved. I'm better able to eat a wider variety but feel like I get full really quickly. I still have moments where I don't feel too great and it's generally when I try to do too much. My body is good and telling me when to slow down and W is great and picking up the slack. I started getting round ligament pain this past week. There was one time when I stood up too quickly from sitting cross legged on the floor and had to immediately sit back down I was in so much pain. Today it was more constant and even when I was just sitting in a chair. I asked at my ob appointment last week and thats what she said it was. Unfortunately, she also said it's only going to get worse.

My mood is better and more stable, especially since I am avoiding sugar. I noticed it was giving me headaches and mood swings so it helps to just stay constant with my mood and blood sugar levels throughout the day.

I'm still on all of the same meds. I emailed Dr. Br.averman earlier last week to see if things were going to change before out appointment at 12 weeks. He told me to remain on everything. I'm hoping 12 weeks brings at least a huge reduction in what I am taking.

All in all, I'm just so happy to be at this point. I love these little ones so much already and can't wait to see them again next week with W. 


  1. Love this post and so happy for you!

  2. I'm so happy for you Liz. Sounds like the twins are doing fantastic and being busy little bees in there! Keep taking care of yourself and those babies. Can't wait for the next ultrasound update. Oh! And I would love to see those weekly belly pictures if you wanted to share them :)

  3. Dammit! You are making me want to be pregnant again, and so soon! This is all so exciting! Cute little gummy bear ultrasounds!

  4. So exciting and congrats in the twins! Yea, they labeled baby A as the one closest to my cervix as well. She was always the closest until about 33 weeks, then her brother took over :) sounds like you're not finding out the genders? Bravo!! We didn't either and it was the best surprise ever!

  5. Such exciting news and so glad the babies are growing right on track. So cute!

  6. Wonderful news!!!! So glad they are measuring the same and right on track.

  7. Wow I can't believe how far along you are already!! I am so happy for you, you guys are going to make great parents to those little guys. That must have been the most amazing feeling ever to see them dancing around that way! I'm glad everything is going smoothly for you :)

  8. I can't believe you're already 11 weeks!! This pregnancy is going to fly by. :)

    FYI for soft cheeses - the guidelines that have been around forever on that have to do with unpastuerized cheeses, which are pretty much impossible to come by in the US now days. AKA - check the label for your own peace of mind, but most goat/feta/blue/brie/etc are all fine in the US b/c they're pasteurized here! As a cheese lover, this made me VERY happy while I was pregnant. :)

  9. Beautiful updates! and how very exciting to start sharing the news with more!