Monday, November 5, 2012

Hoping it Helps

The biopsy today wasn't fun at all. I had one done previously but it was so long ago I must have blocked it from my memory. The NP at my office did the biopsy and although it was over quickly, it was rough.

I actually broke out in a full sweat during/immediately after. I stayed reclined for about 5-10 minutes and then felt better. I had a bunch of cramping for quite a while after. W brought me home flowers which was super sweet. 

I'm not sure it's something I would do again but hopefully it won't be necessary. I have a really good feeling about this cycle. 

The local pharmacist knows me well and I asked today about the Neupogen. She wrote a script to see if my insurance would cover it and it was approved for only 50 bucks. We will see when the actual script goes through, but that would be amazing. 

I looked more closely at my calendar and saw they had me on Crinone and two different antibiotics at some point prior to the transfer. I emailed the nurse today and we changed it to PIO and she told me one of the antibiotics will be done as a vaginal suppository. That's definitely different. Has anyone ever heard if that? The drug is called clindamycin. 

My next appointment is Thursday for blood work and a sono. Otherwise, just making it through another work week. I'm going to yoga for fertility with a friend tomorrow and then we are going to dinner after. I take my last birth control pill tonight! 


  1. Sorry it was such a horrible experience, but glad it is all over!! And even happier you have such a good feeling about this next cycle!

  2. Ekkk that does not sound fun at all!! I'm hoping for you so much. You have a great attitude about this round and I think that can't hurt one bit!!

  3. Yuk, glad it is over and done with. Hopefully all will be smooth sailing now.

  4. Hopefully your last BC pill for a VERY, VERY LONG TIME!!!! Eek!

  5. Happy final BCP! I've taken clindamyacin before, but not as a suppository... fun times! Hope your appt goes well Thurs :)

  6. I hope all goes well! I was in the same position as you not that long ago and now have a happy, healthy baby. I was lucky enough to get hold of therapist Marisa Peer's book Trying to get Pregnant (and Succeeding) on pre-release. It helped me to visualise getting pregnant and gave me such faith that I would have a baby and I did get pregnant very shortly after reading it. I now have such a beautiful son he is the light of my life.