Thursday, June 16, 2016


As you know, Stella has had fluid in her ears since birth. They call it "eustachian tube dysfunction" meaning the tube that drains your ear has a hard time doing so. Children have a much flatter tube than adults which is why children get ear infections so much more frequently. The ear is better able to drain in adults. When we grow the tube gets more vertical and is better able to drain. 

Clara started physical therapy about a month ago. As part of the evaluation process, they will do a hearing test if they feel it's necessary, or the parents desire it. I've known Clara had some issues with her balance and coordination, but I also noticed her speech was much more difficult to understand than her sisters. As part of the evaluation I requested a referral for a hearing test. 

Clara hadn't had any ear infections until this past winter when she had three very close together. She was on antibiotics and steroids for a few weeks in order to get it to finally go away. Since that time I noticed she had a more difficult time following directions and listening consistently. 

We went last Thursday. Within a few minutes I was told that Clara has fluid in her ears and that we needed another referral to an ENT. With bone conduction testing they were able to determine the nerve is functioning fine and that the mild-moderate hearing loss she's currently presenting with is conductive. 

I'm grateful I'm able to be home with my girls as this was so subtle. There was no huge red flag telling me this was going on. I'm grateful I know my children better than anyone else and can tell when something isn't right and I'm so glad I pushed for the hearing test! 

I'm hoping we can get in to see the ENT soon as I'm hoping we can resolve this issue ASAP. 

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