Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Where to?

When I look at my posts for the past few months I notice a few things:
1. I'm not writing very often 
2. I'm mostly just doing monthly posts about my kids. It's probably not very interesting or exciting to read. 

 The thing is, I don't know what else to write about. I started this blog when we were going through fertility treatments. I had a lot to write about and found a lot of people to relate to on this. I had so many thoughts and feelings and felt a need to get them out. Most of the blogs I followed at that time I continue to follow, but many people had babies and moved on. Many of these people don't write anymore.

I don't want to lose this space. I want to keep it up but I need some help. I'd love to connect with more new blogs. When I was going through treatments there was ICLW that I often participated in. I enjoyed finding new blogs, commenting more, and of course getting comments or followers. 

I honestly don't feel like many people read anymore. I can see the stats and not many people look at my posts. The comments are few and far between. I want to be more active but need help. How do I find more blogs that I can relate to? Are there commenting weeks or things like that for other types of blogs?  

I'd like to write more often but don't know where to start. I don't feel like my life is as interesting or exciting. We do a lot of the same stuff every day. Are there things you would like to hear more about? Things I could/should write about more? I'm open to any kind of input! 


  1. I'm a bit of a lurker but to be honest don't have much to say. I'm in a completely different place to you (recurrent pregnancy loss whilst TTC #2). I do love your updates on the girls though, they're so beautiful! X

  2. Another lurker (and I think very occasional comment leaver) who loves reading about happy families with twins. Ours came via surrogacy so I can sorta relate to couples who have faced challenges to achieve their miracles. If nothing else, keep blogging achievements so you've got a record for your beautiful girls. Lisa (Australia)

  3. Although ICLW is not around, Mel does Microblog Mondays and I have found a few new blogs to read through that weekly link-up.

  4. I totally understand what you're feeling! I also think that being active on Instagram has shifted my attention away from blogging. It's easier to do here and there during the day and feels more rewarding, I guess. I do enjoy your kid updates, and probably a big part of that is having a kiddo the same age!

  5. I have not blogged or read blogs for so long! I have also found that I do not have much to talk about now that my IF journey has ended with us adopting a girl. I am however trying to check in with everyone and pleased to see you are doing well Nic x

  6. I don't know about blogger, but wordpress has a neat functionality where you can search for blogs based on the "tags" or "categories" they've used in their posts. I find new people that way to follow based on my current interests, though I honestly don't want to add a whole lot right now b/c I barely post myself lately. I rarely comment anymore, but I do always read your updates on the girls!