Thursday, January 14, 2016


I learned to knit this fall. My MiL has always knitted hats for the girls, but I decided I wanted to learn too. I didn't want to wait on her every time one of the girls needed a new hat. 

My first project didn't come out too great as it was too short for Stella to wear as it didn't cover her ears. The second hat I made was for Lucy and it had multi-colored stripes. Problem is, I made the mistake of buying cheap yarn. The hat got so stretched almost immediately and as a result doesn't really stay on. Regardless, she still loves it and wears it often. Clara then begged me to make her one too so I decided to make another striped hat, but this time with nicer yarn. Every day as she saw my progress she'd excitedly say, "Claka hat, Claka hat" (she calls herself Claka). 

The hat has been mostly finished for at least a week now. The thing is, I still haven't totally learned how to or had the time to completely finish it. It doesn't look bad apart from all of the strings hanging down/off of it at the seam where I switched the colors for the stripes. Yet, one of the first things Clara does every morning when she goes downstairs is put on her hat. With a huge smile on her face she proclaims, "mama hat". 

It made me think of every aspect of being their mama. Even if their hats are super stretched out or have strings hanging off of them, they still love and adore them. It makes me realize that at least for now I can do no wrong in their eyes. They love me unconditionally, even if I'm not perfect. 


  1. That is very sweet! BTW, I have always wanted to learn to knit: one of several things I have not yet found the time for. :-)

  2. Of course, and even later when you start forbidding things, they will love you:). Such a warm post:)