Monday, January 11, 2016

3 Months Old

Life is flying by and I can't believe little Stella is three months old already (and has been for a week or so as I'm late on this post). With January starting we have lots going on. The holidays were busy, but the days were long without planned activities. Now that it's January we have some more things planned. I look forward to having things to do and getting out of the house and I know the girls do too. I can't imagine just sitting home every day. Pop pop will bring L & C to gymnastics on Tuesdays and they usually go for donuts after. Sometimes I go and sometimes I stay home with Stella or run errands with her. On Wednesdays we are doing music class. My mom will come with us and it's nice and close. The girls love the Music Together classes. On Fridays my mom and MiL have agreed to do swim lessons with the girls. I went last week to show them where everything was but don't plan to go in the future. It's so nice to have so much help and support with the girls.

Stella- I can't believe you're three months old already. Time is passing so fast so I try to enjoy your sweet baby snuggles as much as possible. Some of my favorites times of the day are when it's just the two of us snuggled in bed together. Most mornings you eat and then go back to sleep, giving us some quality snuggle time. You're smiling much more and generally happier and more comfortable. You still don't startle to loud noises but you are starting to turn your head if you hear me or your daddy talking. We went to our first mama baby yoga class yesterday and you were so good. You just watched me contently from the top of my mat. You smile all the time and love your big sisters. You like to watch them play and are always happy when they talk to you or bring you toys to play with. You generally eat every two hours during the day and sleep one nice long stretch at night of about 6 hours. You are up to eat once around 3 or 4, but go right back to sleep. Some nights I fall asleep feeding you and then wake up some time later with you snuggled up sleeping next to me. You currently sleep either in the Dock a Tot in our bed or the rock and play depending on how congested you sound. You drool like crazy and always have your hands in your mouth. Occasionally you gag yourself by shoving your whole hand so far into your mouth, but that seems to be happening less and less. You love to fly above me and will search all over to find my face until you light up and smile. You coo and chat back and forth with us often and are quite the conversationalist!  You love your bath but hate getting out and get so upset every time. You can be difficult for your daddy to calm down and he sometimes gets frustrated by it, especially when I just talk to you and you instantly stop crying. Mama's voice almost always does the trick to calm you down. You love standing up on your feet and are getting better at tummy time. You still like the ring sling but prefer to face out unless you're sleepy. Your eyes are bright blue and your eyelashes are getting thicker and longer. You're wearing mostly 3 month clothing but some 3-6 month pants, especially with cloth diapers. You still aren't sure about your carseat and will occasionally cry while in it. It's super sad and I hope you learn to like it more soon. You love being held facing out and would be content to do that all day long if possible. It's so fun to watch you grow and change every day.

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