Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Stella's Fiesta

On October 8th we celebrated Stella's first birthday with a fiesta. Since the weather was horrible, we had everyone inside. It was so much fun and such a huge success! We had a lot of friends, delicious food, amazing cake, and margaritas. I'd almost venture to say those were my favorite part. Stella had so much fun playing with her friends and being the social butterfly that she is. She wasn't once overwhelmed or scared with people played with her, picked her up, or sang to her. She dove right into her cake without any hesitation and had a great time eating it. Lucy was a little jealous and pouty, but once she discovered there were also gifts for her she cheered right up. It was such a fun party and although I didn't have as much time to make decorations, everything still looked so great. 
Decorations. We had that old window pane that happened to have 12 spots perfect for her monthly photos

Monthly Photos

She wore a dress my mom brought home from Costa Rica. It was so cute and perfect!

This baby is months younger than her. There was like a day that she was bigger than him. 

Daddy had to hold her back from attacking the candle.  

Cake makes everything better!

Welcome to my party!

Opening one of her presents, a Baby Stella doll. 


  1. Aww she looks adorable in the dress! I love the idea of doing the pictures in the window frame!

  2. I absolutely love the pictures in the window frame! Looks so nice! I'm glad it was such a successful party!

  3. Beautiful photos and beautiful kids. Wish them all the best!