Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Stella 10 Months

Stella meets Stella the dog

Shredding paper. She's good at that!

When she wasn't trying to eat all of the rocks

When you fight sleep, you crash hard in your carseat

Always in the middle of the chaos
Those eyes....


Although I'm a little (lot) late this month, I'm glad to be finally getting to this. I want to track and remember the new things you do every month and know if forget without writing it all down. You're changing so much and it's hard to believe the teeny baby you were just a few months ago. You're officially crawling everywhere and pulling to stand on everything. You're in constant motion and love being a part of everything your sisters do. You're about 14 pounds now and still not sleeping great. We have you in your crib for at least the first part of most nights. The second half really depends. We think your top teeth have been bothering you. Nothing is thru yet, but hopefully soon you'll get some relief. You're really showing us you're understanding so much more and waving, clapping, and using a few signs (more, all done). You love to eat and will try almost anything. We're concerned you might have some kind of intolerance to potato as you've had a few vomiting incidents after eating them. We will see the GI dr about it next month. You're so happy and busy and want to be in the middle of everything. You love your dogs and will squeal with delight when you see the cat. You're getting over your stranger anxiety and have been much friendlier with others. You babble a lot and really only want to nap in your car seat. I joke that it's good you're so cute, because I'm exhausted by you. Even if I am exhausted, I can't picture our family without you in it. You're such a sweet and smart little girl. I love you Ms Stella! 

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  1. My daughter will be 10 months on the 18th, so I love finding other monthly updates! I love how you write her a little letter as your update. :)