Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stella 4 Months

I can't believe my baby is 4 months old already! Time is going by so fast. It feels like L & C were just babies, and now they're potty trained big girls and we have another baby. It's crazy how life works sometimes.

A little over three years ago all I wanted in the world was a baby. I was so desperate for a sweet little baby. Flash forward three years and there are days when I think I have TOO MANY kids! Life can change quickly, that's for sure.

Stella- You are the happiest, most smiley little baby. This past month we saw a GI Dr and returned to the ENT. The GI wanted to increase your Zantac a little and the change is amazing. You are just SO happy! Unfortunately the ENT found there's still fluid in your ears but wanted to wait another 2-3 months before placing tubes. I wish they would put them in sooner, but I'm trying to trust it's the best and safest decision for you. So, for now we wait. I've noticed you've started to localize sounds and definitely respond to my voice so I know you're hearing some. You love music and when I sing to you. We do Music Together classes once a week and you are just so alert and happy during class. I think you like it more than your sisters. You'd never think of sleeping through music class. You are very alert and aware of everything. You're always watching your sisters closely and love when they talk to you or bring you toys. You've found your feet and love eating them. You've rolled from your belly to back twice and you're getting so good at tummy time. You only complain when you're tired. You're still waking once a night to eat but go right back to sleep. You sleep in the Dock a Tot in our bed most nights and love napping with your mama while your sisters nap. You're really practicing with your voice and will raise the pitch up and down. Sometimes it even sounds like you're singing along with me. You're so alert and smiley whenever we go out. Just like sleeping through music class, you rarely sleep through our outings. You just love to be a part of everything. You're still drooling like crazy and we mentioned it to the pediatrician. We might see a speech pathologist to see if we can address it. Your mouth is open a lot of the time with your tongue out as well. You soak through bibs and your clothing multiple times a day. You still click while nursing but the ENT thought it could be you trying to relieve the pressure in your ears. I'll be curious to see if it goes away once the fluid is gone. You really are such a sweet and happy going baby. I feel so lucky to be your mama! 

Your first nap in your crib. 

You love looking at yourself in the mirror. 


  1. What an adorable smile!

    Could she be drooling because of teething? My daughter got her first teeth early and was constantly drooling!

  2. See if you can get a second opinion on the tubes. My son was born with fluid that caused 50% hearing loss (failed every hearing test). He had tubes at 4 months by an exceptional ENT surgeon. The ENT said the fluid gushed out when the tubes were put in. Without the tubes he gets a lot of ear infections. His speech is doing much better now, but there was a delay. He took some time to adjust to "regular"noise as it was super loud to him once he could hear. Good luck!