Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stella at 1 Month

As hard as it is for me to believe, baby Stella turned a month old yesterday. The month has seriously flown by and I'm sure time won't slow down in order for me to savor these moments with my sweet little baby.

Having one baby has been such a different experience. I love bringing just the baby places and the moments I have where I'm only responsible for her. It's a nice break from the craziness of two year old twins. I've been loving being able to wear her and just ordered a ring sling. We go out and about a lot and it's so different from life with preemie twins. The girls love their baby sister and bring her so many things all day long. They love watching her to see if her eyes will open.

You are such a beautiful little baby. You remind me so much of your big sister Clara in looks. Your eyes are getting bluer every day so that may be the one thing that sets you two apart. When you were born you failed your hearing screening and then also failed the follow up. To be honest, I was pretty concerned you weren't hearing well for a while. In the past week or so you've really started to respond to my voice and startle to more loud sounds. You even turned and looked at your daddy one night when he was talking to you. You're starting to have more awake/alert time during the day and love looking at faces. We haven't done as much tummy time as we'd like because you have reflux and some of the only times you are awake is right after you eat. We tried different strategies for a few days, but ended up taking you to the pediatrician and starting a low dose of Zantac. It was so hard to listen to you cry and scream for hours a day. It's made a huge difference and you are so much more comfortable. You wouldn't take a pacifier at first but now will. It really helps you to be more comfortable when you're crying as you don't seem to like to nurse for comfort. The last time you were at the pediatrician you weighed 8.1 and you're starting to outgrow a lot of newborn clothes. It's so crazy to me how big you are already compared to your sisters at this age. Your cord took about two weeks to fall off but you've been in cloth since. You love the bath and get so relaxed when you're in the tub.

I feel so lucky to be able to snuggle with another squishy little baby. It's amazing to me how fast time is going and that Stella is a month old already. Life is crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Such a blessing that you were able to experience the birth of Stella. I am sure there will be so many differences between her and the girls. They are all such beauties.

  2. All three of your girls are just beautiful!

    I'm with you, time needs to slow down -- my baby boy is 3.5 months already -- not sure how it happened. Want to savor every moment!

  3. They are growing so quickly! The girls are beautiful! Stella looks like her dad a lot:)

  4. I have just one of my twins this weekend. It is definitely soooo different just having one! All three of your girls are absolutely gorgeous little miracles. Thank you for sharing them with us!